Product Design

Steering design direction to produce quality digitial products

CV ecommerce UI Framework

Commerce Vision | 2012-2023

For over a decade, I spearheaded the development of the CV ecommerce front-end design framework within Commerce Vision. Serving as a pivotal stakeholder, my primary emphasis lay in crafting a framework rooted in responsive and modular design principles, ensuring adaptability and scalability at its core.

At the heart of this framework was the creation of a robust SCSS foundation tailored to encapsulate the intricate nuances of ecommerce functionalities. Collaborating seamlessly with internal development and management teams over this extensive period, my role expanded beyond initial creation to continual improvement and refinement of the product design.

A crucial component of this undertaking involved the meticulous integration of exhaustive style guides and user manuals directly into the design system. These guides served as indispensable resources, streamlining the process of client adoption and empowering them to harness the full potential of the framework.

These comprehensive guides weren't just surface-level, they delved deep into modular elements, encompassing detailed instructions for components like buttons, forms, alerts, and various other modular elements. Tailored for both internal development teams and clients, these guides offered a clear roadmap for effortlessly crafting and implementing user interfaces.

This in-depth documentation ensured a standardised approach to design implementation, fostering consistency and coherence across diverse projects. It empowered stakeholders, enabling them to swiftly and effectively create user interfaces aligned seamlessly with the frameworks principles and industry best practices.

The intricately developed framework emerged as the fundamental infrastructure supporting a broad client base, ranging from modest small businesses to expansive corporations. Its hallmark adaptability and versatility is a key selling point, becoming a linchpin for numerous triumphant ecommerce endeavors across varied industries and business magnitudes.

At the heart of its success lay the frameworks adaptability, empowering customers to leverage its core structures to fashion bespoke designs. By offering a flexible framework, clients could harness its foundational elements to fashion tailor-made designs aligned with their unique brand identities and specific business requirements. This adaptability not only streamlined the design process but also ensured that each client could craft a distinct and personalised digital presence using the frameworks foundational components

Let Lucy

Commerce Vision | 2018

Leveraging the strong brand crafted by Big Fish, my collaboration extended across the engineering and product teams at Lucy (part of Commerce Vision). The functional and intuitive front-end user interface serves as the foundational framework for the Lucy application.

Our collective effort revolved around translating the essence of the established brand identity into a seamless user interface. This involved not just design but a fusion of design principles and engineering prowess, aiming to create an interface that embodied the power AI automation while also ensuring user-friendliness.

Commerce Vision CMS

Commerce Vision | 2016

As the primary architect behind the CV ecommerce CMS front-end design, my role intertwined closely with collaborative efforts among the product and engineering teams. This partnership aimed at sculpting a user-friendly and efficient interface that formed the backbone of the CMS.

My involvement through continual enhancement and refinement of the UI/UX was an iterative process aimed not just at design evolution but also at ensuring the interfaces adaptability and responsiveness to evolving industry needs.

Mobile Application Framework (MAF)

Commerce Vision | 2014

Collaborating closely with the engineering team at Commerce Vision, I played an instrumental role in crafting the user interface design for the Mobile Application Framework (MAF) mobile CRM application.

The emphasis was on developing an interface that not only streamlined the CRM process but also catered specifically to the needs of field representatives. By harnessing jQuery UI, we created an intuitive and responsive design that empowered representatives with seamless access to critical CRM functionalities while on the move.

Eden Suite

Intelligent Pathways | 2011

During my tenure at Intelligent Pathways, I played a pivotal role in contributing to the development of the Eden Suite application. This innovative project was dedicated to crafting comprehensive environmental dashboards and reports.

My involvement encompassed various facets of the applications creation, from conceptualisation to implementation. This included collaborating with cross-functional teams, leveraging diverse skill sets to ensure the applications effectiveness in presenting crucial environmental data.