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I'm an experienced web designer from the vibrant city of Brisbane, Australia 🇦🇺.

With over 15 years of dedicated work experience in the ever-evolving field of web design, I have had the privilege of witnessing and contributing to the dynamic evolution of UI/UX solutions. Holding a Bachelor's degree which laid the foundation for my technical abilities, I have honed my skills to seamlessly blend creativity with functionality.

Beyond the pixels and code I find inspiration in the intersection of creativity and technology, this blend fuels my passion in life. Whether I'm embarking on an outdoor adventure, cooking, seeing my favourite band or football team play, I thrive on the diverse energy these passions bring to my life.

On a personal note, my greatest joy comes from my young and happy family. Balancing a fulfilling career with the joys of family life has been a rewarding journey. Their support and happiness are the driving forces behind my motivation to my work.

I'm excited about the endless possibilities that each project brings, and I look forward to continuing this journey of creativity and innovation.

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🎓 Education

Bachelor of Multimedia (BMm) - Griffith University
Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Multimedia from Griffith University. recognised for excellence with the Best Project Award in 2007, showcasing a commitment to innovation and creativity in the field.
Certificate II Small Business Management - Young Achievement Australia
Acquired a Certificate II in Small Business Management from Young Achievement Australia in 2003, demonstrating early entrepreneurial skills and a foundational understanding of business principles.
High School Senior Certificate - Wynnum State High School
Received the IPT (Information Processing Technology) Top of Class Award in 2003 during high school senior year, highlighting academic excellence and proficiency in information technology.
📚 Professional Development
Design Thinking
Completed training in Design Thinking, acquiring a strategic and creative problem-solving approach to innovation and product development.
Managing Performance
Successfully completed a course in Managing Performance, gaining insights and skills in effectively leading and managing team performance.
Engaged in the Leadershift training program, developing leadership capabilities and adapting to the evolving challenges of the professional landscape.
Communication Skills
Enhanced communication proficiency through specialised training, fostering effective and impactful interpersonal communication.
Creating Engagement
Completed a course focused on Creating Engagement, acquiring strategies to foster and maintain high levels of engagement within teams and projects.
Git and GitHub
Mastered the fundamentals of version control and collaborative coding through training in Git and GitHub.
Attained expertise in the Scrum framework, embracing agile principles for efficient project management and iterative development.
SLII Management
Completed training in SLII Management, gaining proficiency in the Situational Leadership® II model for effective leadership and team development.
Monitor with web design and development applications

🏅 Achievements

Presented Design Webinar to International Audience
Showcased expertise by presenting a design webinar to an international audience, demonstrating a command of industry knowledge and effective communication skills.
Managed Design Team during Business Growth
Successfully led and managed a design team during a period of business growth, contributing to the team's cohesion and productivity.
Received the prestigious DRIVENxDESIGN Award in 2022, recognising excellence and innovation in the field of design.
First Contribution to Global Client (Virgin Australia)
Made a significant impact with the first contribution to a global client, Virgin Australia, marking the beginning of a successful professional journey.
48 Hour Film Project
Demonstrated creativity and quick problem-solving skills by participating in the 48 Hour Film Project, showcasing versatility beyond the realm of design.
Bachelor of Multimedia Best Project Award
Along with my project team "Ripple Media", I earned the Best Project Award during the final year project of my Bachelor degree, highlighting outstanding achievement and innovation in multimedia design.
Australian Schools Computer Skills Competition
Showcased early proficiency by participating in the Australian Schools Computer Skills Competition in 2003, laying the foundation for future successes.
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⚽️ Personal Interests

Continual Improvement
Committed to a journey of continual improvement, I thrive on evolving my skills, perspectives, and approaches in both personal and professional aspects of life.
Nature & Outdoors
Finding time away from the screen in the beauty of nature, I have a deep appreciation for outdoor activities that reconnect me with the natural world.
A culinary enthusiast, I enjoy the art of cooking as a creative outlet, exploring diverse cuisines and experimenting with new meals.
A dedicated football fan, I revel in the excitement of the beautiful game, whether supporting Brisbane Roar locally and Club Brugge as my family's team in Belgium.
Live Music
Captivated by the magic of live performances, I have a profound love for live music, indulging in the energy and emotion that artist's bring to the stage.