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Ben Demeyere

UI/UX Designer, Front-End Developer & Product Designer

With over 15 years of professional UI/UX design experience, I am motivated and passionate about designing and developing digital solutions. I have combined a strong eye for attention to detail along with an experienced understanding of design principles to achieve great results across many projects.

UI Frameworks
Responsive Design
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I've worked with some of Australia's biggest brands

As a Senior UI/UX Designer I have applied my knowledge and industry experiences for a wide range of clients across a variety of industries, including JB Hi-Fi, Inspirations Paint, RSEA Safety and Kincrome. Additionally with Government departments including the Department of Education and NFP organisations such as yourtown.

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Framework & Product Design

I have steered product design in the right direction (from ecommerce frameworks, mobile CRM's, automation order processing to environmental data dashboards) to acheive great results.

CV ecommerce UI Framework

For over a decade, I spearheaded the development of the CV ecommerce front-end design framework within Commerce Vision. Serving as a pivotal stakeholder, my primary emphasis lay in crafting a framework rooted in responsive and modular design principles, ensuring adaptability and scalability at its core.

At the heart of this framework was the creation of a robust SCSS foundation tailored to encapsulate the intricate nuances of ecommerce functionalities. Collaborating seamlessly with internal development and management teams over this extensive period, my role expanded beyond initial creation to continual improvement and refinement of the product design.

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Consulting & Design Leadership

Integrating Design Thinking & empathy into every phase of the consulting process to ensure the best possible outcome.

Person at a design communicating with a laptop

As a capable team leader, my approach centres on fostering an environment of collaboration, creativity, and growth. I ensure each team member understands their role and feels empowered to contribute their unique strengths. I believe in nurturing talent by providing guidance while encouraging autonomy, allowing individuals to innovate within a supportive framework.

One of my core strengths lies in my ability to bridge the gap between creative vision and client expectations. I understand the importance of clear and concise communication throughout the design process. Whether collaborating with cross-functional teams or presenting design concepts to stakeholders, I ensure that every message is articulated with precision, fostering a collaborative environment that fuels creativity and understanding.

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